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Best Portfolio Management services provider
India's Best Wealth Management Company

Best PMS Overview

  • Who provides Best Portfolio Management Services in India? Answer is Speculate because Speculate provides Best PMS in India with all kind of flexibility and comfort with best returns in Indian Stock Market. Service offered by Portfolio Managers is an investment or trading portfolio in stocks, fixed income, commodity, currencies or other individual securities managed by a professional money manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives.
  • Discretionary PMS services have choice and timings of the investment decisions rest solely with the Portfolio manager while Non discretionary services only suggests investment ideas. The choice as well as the timings of the investment decisions rest solely with the investor. However the execution of trade is done by the portfolio manager.
  • We have both kind of Portfolio management packages. Also we have advisory service of PMS in which we suggests investment ideas. The choice as well as the execution of the investment decisions rest solely with the investor.

Benefits of PMS

  • There are large number of benefits of Portfolio management that can provide high value returns in case it is performed on regular basis and implemented properly.
  • Portfolio mangement services assure you the best downside protection for your Portfolio. You will benefit with practical financial advise that can help convert all paper gains into real profits in the shortest time.
  • Professional research and advice will help you with information on the best investment options and ideas for your portfolio.

Why Speculate PMS?

  • Speculate is the only company in market which provides non discretionary PMS which means that our services are fully transparent and you can check your PMS account daily and monitor it time to time. We don't hide anything from you.
  • Our returns are far better than any other PMS service provider company and our Fund managers are highly skilled and manage your account in best way which gives maximum returns possible in this market.
  • Speculate has vast experience of Wealth management and we are managing Fund of 28 countries and our clients renew and stick on to the PMS is the only reason of our committed services.
  • Speculate is the Best Portfolio Management services provider in Asia which maintains portfolios of 29 countries at present and giving higher returns than any other financial institutions or any other company. We focus on Capital growth on consistent basis which grows your wealth rapidly and steadily. That is the reason why people believe that Speculate PMS is best PMS in India.

Procedure to start PMS

  • One has to register through website by paying one time registration fees and after that one has to give all the details like Name, Address, Mobile number and email address.
  • After registration one has to give login rights of existing broker to trade on behalf of him. For further terms and conditions regarding payment, you can contact on given numbers

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